Saturday, September 20, 2008

Walnut Tree's And Asclepias

I read yesterday that scientists monitoring Walnut Groves in California, found the Trees produce Aspirin when they are stressed.
I thought a perfect photo would be this Asclepius, the greek demigod of healing. It is in flower in my garden now.
This has bloomed beautifully after being really sickly looking in March after I first bought it.
Its also called Milkweed. I love the chunky yellow flowers and reflexive orange petals that curl downwards.The flower buds look like peanut M & M's....
When I'm stressed I find standing in the garden and just looking eases the daily stresses and strains.
Watching the leaves of the plants and the colourful flowers nodding in the wind. The insects buzz around, and sometimes the birds chatter from high up in the privet hedge.
I'm still trying to find the PBS documentary called "the healing gardens of New York" which I got emailed about a year ago or more. Is it available online anywhere to watch?
The BBC's article said the aspirin compound is released in the air when the plant is stressed, helping the plants immune system. Presumably it makes the other plants ready for pest attack by warning them.
Pulling weeds out, and digging the soil takes your mind off life. You cannot hold onto stress or anger. Just look at the flowers, the intricate structure of the plants, the busyness of the insects doing what comes natural to them.
I do believe gardens are great for teaching and healing. The original article is here:


Anonymous said...

Love this flower David and the story behind it.

Anonymous said...

I think gardens are ideal for teaching and healing, and how cool that you said this in an article on Asclepius. Thanks for the link to the walnut/aspirin article, I want to check that out.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Lynn...
Hi Pomona, you must have done some Classical reading to new about Ascelpius.He is symbolic on the medical symbol of the snake wrapped around the staff.
He'd approve of the Walnut tree article.. and somebody added you can get Aspirin from the bark of the willow tree...