Sunday, September 14, 2008

Technicolour Flower Show

The Autumn Flower show signals the end of the British Summer. The usual plant nurserys and growers had set up their displays for the last time this year. It is a profusion of colours, scents, and flowers. I was restrained in only taking fifty photos, but nights before i went did not help. The first photo is of a gorgeous two tone Carnation, almost like a tudor rose.The floral exhibits had people growing various flowers for display and judging. Row upon row of tables covered in Carnations, Dahlias, Chysanthenums,Roses, and Fuschias.

The Dave Stead Orchid display was beautiful.There were nice range of Orchids in flower, and not the hideous ones with fluorescent pink and orange flowers. I think the mix of colours made them glow like jewels...

Lilys which set Cats Asthma off. I love these flowers, and the scent was like being whalloped with a frying pan. You could smell it from twenty feet away.

Some of the Carnations in the competition in the Floral exhibits part of the show ground. I wish I knew how they judged this, but Rosettes were left displayed, and judges comments left below the individual vases.

Chrysanthenums like cheerleaders pom poms. The flowers on these were massive.These bouncy, colourful flowers are not seen much in gardens, but are always represented at this flower show.I love the technicolour on display here.

Dahlias, the Punk Rock stars of the flower world. I have about six varieties growing in the garden, and the sheer amount of varieties here is amazing. Again the flowers were in states of perfection, not a slug or snail in sight!

I love the pink colours of these. The display of five flowers of the same variety appealed to me. Soft pastel pink with yellow centres.I want some like these for my garden.

There was a large section devoted to flower arranging, with different themes and instructions. I photographed this display but most of them left me cold. Its nice if you like it I guess. I think it has wandered too far from gardening, to abstract art almost.

The beautiful Roses were almost all perfect. Not a bit of blackspot or rust anywhere. I loved these yellow Roses.They smelt lovely too.The yellow Rose is on my shopping list for winter.

This Rose was displayed on a black background within a picture frame.The Rose is apricot and salmon coloured and glows like a watercolour painting. It was real however. Very Beauty and the Beast...

There were two simultaneous Vegetable championships. The vegetables were massive and not like my allotment grown vegetables. These are like the models of the veg world, but totally alien to most normal growers. Carrots that were between five to six feet long. I wandered if they grew these in a deep dustbin?Do these get eaten after they have been displayed?Love to know from any competitive growers out there...

Robinsons were back displaying their own vegetables grown at their nurserys.Their display is always like a Rembrandt still life. They really do make vegetables look like art, in their different shapes, and colours.

A slipper Orchid captured me with its alien like flower. I love the spots and stripes. I am an Orchid fan. I bought some bark mix to repot my Phalaenopsis which has not flowered still.These displays motivate you and make you want to try harder to induce your own Orchids to flower. I may cheat and buy one in flower to have something to photograph. A new Orchid might help shame the Phale into flowering.

The last photo is of a Phalanopsis hybrid in flower.The colours and patterns are spectacular, and make a good end to my mini tour of the Harrogate Autumn flower show.The next show is seven months away now. Autumn and Winter must pass before I can see this many displays of flowers and plants.
I bought some Tulip Bulbs (double pink blooms called Angelique, and Dark Burgundy ones called Uncle Tom), Some Iris Reticulata bulbs (dark blue flowers), an Amaryllis bulb, a Madonna Lily bulb, some Alium Gladiator bulbs, and two new Streptocarpus plants called Midnight Flame (crimson red) and Chorus Line (white with purple stripes).
There was a huge range of garden sundrys, as well as food, jewellry, clothes, etc. I came back with a beautiful frog windchime made of stained glass for the kitchen window (thanks Cat), a buddah figure made of coal, and a fridge magnet that says "all the coffee in Columbia wont make me a morning person".
It was a great day, and a good flower show. We usually go on the last day of these shows, so it made a change to go on the opening day of the show.
I hope its enjoyable reading and seeing the photos.


Victoria Summerley said...

Loved the post, and the pictures

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Victoria,I read some of your blog too.You have a nice way with words.I will add you to the blogs I read side bar.I think we will be smelling bonfires before long as the seasons change imperceptibly.

joey said...

Stunning photos, Snappy. I pray my slipper orchid will re-bloom ;)

Kylee Baumle said...

What fun! And carrots 5-6 feet long??? Wow! I love shows like this. Thanks for taking us along!

Barbarapc said...

Hope Angelique works as well for you as it has for me - it's gorgeous. Thanks for posting all those photos - the garden component of our fall fairs is so miserly by comparison - could practically smell the scent of the lilies.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Joey,I hope your Slipper Orchid reblooms too.The shows make Orchids look so gorgeous, but its whether you can make it bloom again.Im an Orchid fan, and will keep trying...
Hi Kylee, somebody told me they grow these monster carrots in tubes to make them that long.I dont know if they are edible or if the size detracts from the flavour.
The photo Barbara of Tulip Angelique looks gorgeous with double pink flowers.They will go lovely between the Crimson Uncle Tom and Queen Of The Night Tulips next spring.Im glad you liked the mini tour of the show.