Monday, September 15, 2008

Summer Jobs

I got up late today, then spent my time cleaning the house and the garden. I kept switching between the two.
All my Tomato plants had died back and the remnants of the Tomatos had blossom end rot from the wet late summer.
I took 140 litres of compost out from the compost bin yesterday, to make room for the late summer clean up.The garden needs sprucing up ready for spring bulbs to be planted.
I have the Tulips from this year, saved and dried in the outhouse ready to be planted again.
I bought a lot of Spring bulbs at the Autumn flower show too. Gardening is cyclical, and the early nights are making me think of spring.
The Chilli plants are still outside. Im watching the weather for the first frost date, and they will come back inside to over winter.
I discovered the outhouse has been leaking water.The summer bulbs i got from Hampsons free have been soaked and were rotting. I have them spread out on the kitchen surface trying in vain to dry them for next year. Fifty Gladiolus, Eight Lilliums, and one Veronica..
I need to buy some more bird food tomorrow. They have eaten me out of house and home this year. I will look forward to their winter visits when the garden is sleeping and dreaming of springtime.
The compost will go on the garden borders and into the allotment beds. I still need to dig up my Nadine Potatoes from the earth and pick more Runner Beans. My kitchen knife is poised to cut the grass tomorrow up at the plot.
I made a Tomato soup tonight with tomatos, parsley, and carrots from the garden, and an onion from the allotment. This year has been educational for me about growing vegetables and soft fruit.
I have been cleaning the garden up slowly, a few jobs at a time. When its all done I will take a photo of the end of summer garden.There is always something to do outside whatever the season.
The photo is an unknown pink flower from the flower show....

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