Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Blue Flower Mystery

This is the mystery plant that has flowered in the right border. I sowed Cornflowers and California Poppies and this has grown.
The stem has multiple flower buds along its length with a rosette of leaves under the flower.
It has rained heavily again today soaking the two new flowers, making them soggy and crumpled.
I will photograph it again when one opens in dry conditions. The stamen are so delicate with blue filaments in the centre of them.
I read today that August 2008 was the least sunny month of the recent records for hours of Sunshine.
It seems to have rained since July virtually every week, and has been cloudy for months. The hot weather of April and June are distant memories now. The Butterflys this year have been washed out, and I have only photographed a few in my garden despite the nectar rich plants.
Does anyone recognise my mystery blue flower?


joco said...

This looks like it could be Chicory, whose roots were used as a coffee substitute during the war.

It is only a humble wayside plant, but your photo enlarged makes it look exotic and beautiful. You take a mean picture! I look forward to seeing one when the flower heads are dry.

I have always been very fond of this plant as it flowers around my birthday. Once I found a clump by the road where the flowers were white. That sometimes happens with blue flowers, such as bluebells and forget-me-nots.

Anonymous said...

I think your plant is a cornflower which may have been crossed with something else, but Andrew thinks it is some type of wild Orchid. Hope this is helpful Susan

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Joco, thanks for your comment.I did look through a little British wildflower book but could not see it.I will look up Chichory..
Thanks Susan and Andrew,I will photograph the flowers when they open in dry conditions.