Monday, September 22, 2008


The Streptocarpus Ruby in flower has gorgeous bright magenta flowers, with dark and light stripes in the throat of the flower.
The kitchen windowsill has four of my Streptocarpus in flower.There are four not in flower too.
Every time I go to a flowershow I try to buy a new plant with different coloured flowers.Then try to grow them on the windowsill to try to induce them to flower.
The plant with the most flowers is the Happy Snappy.
I went to the allotment today for a few hours and cut the last part of the grass, cleared the borage from the bed, and marked out a Strawberry bed ready for planting.
It started raining so I was only there a few hours.The black tarpaulin has gone back so I need to develop the area behind the Runner Beans before the weeds grow back.


clairesgarden said...

my mum has a beautiful purple streptocarpus, she offered me a cutting but I neglect my houseplants terribly so refused it on the grounds of potential cruelty!

David (Snappy) said...

hi Claire,I love the Streptocarpus flowers, and all the flowers this year have been on last years plants (except Snow White).They are quite easy to look after too :)