Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Double Choc

A tale of two Chocolate named plants flowering yesterday. I looked for inspiration to take some photos to blog and found my double choc plants.
These petite pale lilac flowers are on the leaves of the Chocolate Mint plant, bought from Harlow Carr this year. They have an intense minty smell, used for desserts it says on the label. I think a chocolate mint ice cream would be heaven with the chopped leaves of this plant. It has been easy to propogate too. Next years plant stall will have a lot of these for sale!

The Mexican Chocolate Cosmos that smells of the yummiest Belgian Chocolates. A garden is better when it touches all the senses. Sight, smell, touch, and sound.These flowers have continued for months and the fresh bloomed flowers have the most moorish chocolate smell, that you keep going back to sniff them (and then lick your lips remembering chocolates past).
These need to over winter indoors before being returned to the garden in spring. They are a perennial.
I am a chocolate lover, so i love both these plants for their looks, and scents.


Philosophical Karen said...

Mmmm, chocolate. :D

Una said...

Gardening and chocolate, my 2 favourite things.

Anonymous said...

I love chocolate mint. I usually buy some every year. But here in East Texas it gets very hot. I don't think mine survived the summer.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Karen, well said about choc :)

Thanks Lotie they are two of my fav things, coffee would be third!

Hey Brenda,I dont know if it will survive untill next year as this is the first year I have had it.The fragrance from the leaves is so strong and yummy!
Hope yours has survived!