Saturday, September 06, 2008

Blue Sailor

The mystery flower growing in the right border has been identified as Chichory.
Famous here for being a coffee sunstitute during the second world war.
I love the blue petals that taper off, and the blue and white stamen in the centre of the flower.
There are plenty more buds on this plant still ready to flower, which is good as the heavy rain destroys them in a day.
The mystery is how it grew there? Do the birds have a caffeine addiction and have taken the seeds from the plant.

I love coffee so its quite a cool plant with traditional medicinal and culinary uses.
Thank goodness for keen eyed garden bloggers who love mystery plants.
This plant is colloquially called Blue Sailor or Coffee Weed, and is a perennial herb that grows on roadsides normally.
The coffee substitute is popular in New Orleans, one of my favourite American cities.
The wikipedia link is here:
Am back at work today, hope it is dryer after heavy rainfall caused flooding and disruption in Britain yesterday.

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