Thursday, September 04, 2008

Garden Star

The Oriental Stargazer Lily yesterday opening slightly. It was about two weeks after the indoor one had flowered.

It has the look of a brightly coloured pink and white Star, growing against the green of the borders and pots. It has not released its pollen yet so it is not quite fragrant. It has a deeply earthy smell the Stargazer Lily. I love how it looks and the name of it. Good looks and scented, no wander this is still one of the best selling Lilys in the world.
It continues to rain, and only the end of the day brought a little consolation sunshine. I have added the new blogger tool things followers on the side bar.
I could not work out how many people have this blog bookmarked, or whether a feed picks up my posts and directs them to peoples computer.
I need to get to the allotment for some harvesting. The rain has deterred me, and low energy levels havnt helped. The garden compost will go to the plot to make the soil better for next year. My 220 litre compost bin is full to the top and needs some taking out.
The allotment has two full bins too. All three bins will contribute to improving the soil and hopefully to grow lots more vegetables.
Maybe next year I will have a cut flower bed full of Dahlias, Carnations, and Chrysanthemums.
Oriental Stargazers and Casablanca Lilys will retunr to the garden.

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