Thursday, September 25, 2008

Small Things

I am on a day off today and have slept far too much. I just had a quick look outside at the three Roses that are flowering again.
The photo is of the Dahlia with a Hoverfly landed on it. I enjoy photographing the small things in the garden, and occasionally the overall photo.
The bird food has been stocked up, but the only one I have seen is a Robin. A new, skinny one that comes and sits on the fence posts with head cocked, singing at me.
The darkness is drawing in now. I think my Chilli plants need to come indoors to overwinter. I have a lot of Chillis growing on the plants. I need to find a good Chilli relish recipie to go onto beefburgers in rolls, or with hot dogs.
The plants are looking tired now, like I feel after too many long days at work. The garden helps relax me and make me calmer. A good garden combines lots of pleasing small things, to make a perfect whole place.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot. :) I think autumn does beg us to slow down and rest, just as it does to the plants and flowers.

Barbarapc said...

I do like your bugs & blossoms. David, what's a conker?

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Nancy, I think Autumn does make us slow down, and rest.Reading catalogues to plan for next year!
Hi Barbara, the Conker is a fruit from the Horse Chestnut Tree.Its brown and shiny and much loved by schoolboys for playing a game.