Friday, September 12, 2008

Autumn Flower Show

Today I'm going with Hils to the Autumn flower show at Harrogate.The last flower show of the year.I will buy a few bulbs and plants I think today.
The photo is of another Dahlia in flower in the garden.I have forgotten the name...
I went to the allotment yesterday and picked Runner Beans, cut two Cabbages off, Courgettes, and Radishes that have grown quickly.
The grass was long and the weeds sprung up after all the rain.I need to harvest more and start to clear the beds ready for winter digging.
I got a kitchen garden catalogue from Marshalls so I can read that to plan next years allotment crops.
The seasons keep changing, and the leaves on tree's are turning yellowish.I found my first Conker on the ground yesterday by a Horse Chestnut tree.
the camera batterys have been recharged ready for the Autumn flower show.Has it really been a year since I was at it last?


Anonymous said...

Are both of those flowers dahlias? I know there is a lot of variation. I blog about flowers for Teleflora at: http:///, covering news, trends, tips, even horoscopes. Hope you'll check it out. Jacqueline

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous photo you have there! I just found you. Nice to see a man in the gardening community. I'm sure there are lots; I just haven't come across many!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Jaqueline,I will check out your blog at Teleflora.I dont understand your question, there is one Dahlia in the photo...
Hi Brenda,I know theres me that blogs, Trey from the Golden Gecko Nursery, Chris from digital flower pictures, and Stuart Brusselton of Blotanical fame!
Thats the ones I know of lol, glad you liked the photo.Hope you come back again.