Friday, September 19, 2008

September Harvest

I took a photo yesterday of some of the vegetables I have grown, and that are in my kitchen (or freezer) now. Its not all of them but shows a selection..
From left to right there are Nadine Potatoes, Red Baron Onions, white Stuttgarter Onions, Runner Beans, Courgettes/Marrows, Excel Cabbages, two small Gem Squash, King Edward Potatoes, Tomatos, and the lone Radish not chewed by the fieldmice at the allotment.
By the time the winter comes I will hopefully be able to reflect back on 9 months up at the allotment, and prepare for 2009!
This first year has given me some starter knowledge so I can experiment and try new ways of growing out. I have tried to apply gardening techniques to the allotment, and in the main it has been quite successfull.
I have seed catalogues from the big three of Marshalls, Mcfothergills, and Robinsons to plan next years growing season. My next idea will be to try and have something to harvest every month of the year.
What is your best source of knowledge for growing fruit and vegetables? Do you source it on the internet, through books, or gardening clubs?
I love gardening books, and will be reading them this winter, when the garden is asleep.


Una said...

Book and tv programmes for me. Plus swapping tips with colleagues and friends.

Sheila said...

Beautiful harvest! You should be very proud!