Monday, September 29, 2008

Butterfly And Birds

A photo I took the other day on my mobile phone of the most gorgeous colourful butterfly. They have not had the best of years with the wet weather over the past few months.
This one was resting a while on the long causeway hedgerow. He is the most colourful I have seen. Most of the butterflys in the garden have been Cabbage whites, and the Speckled Wood ones..
I'm back at work tomorrow and Wednesday so not much time for gardening.
Today I saw a Starling hanging off the fat ball feeder for a good fifteen minutes. The house sparrows did not even try to scare him off. That the first time I have seen a Starling in my garden since I moved in last November. He must have watched the Blue Tits and House Sparrows and thought they were onto a good thing.
I tried to get a photo today of the Robin, but he proved elusive. Next days off I will try to photograph the garden birds. I thought they had given up visiting but they returned in numbers today.
I will do a Butterfly post too with the few that I have been able to photograph this summer.


Anonymous said...

You take better pictures with you phone than I do with my digital camera. Very pretty butterfly.

Unknown said...

That's a comma butterfly. I've had a few in my garden too along with some red admirals and the cabbage whites, but very little else. A very poor year for butterflies in general.

Anonymous said...

I love those and have been meaning to find out what they are called. Comma?