Saturday, June 21, 2008


The climbing Rose Iceberg had flowered massively in my abscence.It rained lots today.These blousey blooms are fragrant and pure white inner petals.The Rose buds have shown pink flushes on the outer petals.
It was too wet to go to the allotment so i went shopping instead.Two rectangular planters are planted now and joining the plant throng in the garden.
There is lots to blog about yet.


Anonymous said...

Hi david,your garden looks gorgeous as much is still to flower and it will look quite spectacular when it does.keep up the good work and enthusiasm!

Niels Plougmann said...

Climbing Iceberg is fantastic and it can get very big and bushy and have many hundred flowers. Just wait till your get bigger! Only flaw it has is that it get these pink spot when it rains. And It rains a lot where you live! At leasst twice as much as here. Iceberg has gotten a bad reputation adn many says it get blacksot really bad. But it has always been easy to grow for me and very healty

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Anonymous (Cat?) i hope it does flower more beautifully as the summer goes on..
Hi Niels,Thanks for your words.I have not found any problem with Iceberg yet.It has flowered beautifully and the scent is lovely.I like the pink blush the white rose buds have.I cant wait for it to grow up my trellis!
I have blackspot on the White Tearose Margaret Merrill.She has the most fragrant rose/citrus scented blooms but she has been decimated by blackspot.I think I will have had only two blooms from her, but they were soooooo fragrant both flowers..
The David Austin Lady Emma Hamilton has slight blackspot but is superb in growth compared to the earlier planted roses.It had a four month delay and has grown more than the others.The first buds are swelling with the hint of the apricot/copper colours!
I'm glad your Iceberg is healthy too.I hope you post photos!

Niels Plougmann said...

Well time, water and fertilizer will make your climbing Iceberg very big! I like that it has a very bushy growth habit compared to other climbers. Over here it only becomes about 8-9 feet tall, but very wide. Also happy to hear that yours is healthy too.

Margaret Merril is wonderful! But it is very hard to grow. It really does not have very good fungal disease resitance, and it is tiny over here since winters are much colder. But I do like their scent a lot!

I am going to post pictures of both!

I am surprised to hear LEH has problems? It will probably get better as she ages. Funny to look at her very dark leaves and buds right?

Have a nice Week David!