Monday, June 23, 2008

Gardening Shots

I was photographed tidying the garden up by Cat. After I had left it for four days I wanted to move the plants around so there is a clear path to the rose bench and so I could get into the right border to see whats growing. I swept all the debris and soil down to the end and added it to my compost bin. I have made it difficult to access by putting a Lilac Tree, Strawberry planter, and Mallus Braeburn apple tree around the bin.
The towering plant was a Fireweed. It has been cut down to allow light to the Daylily and Crocosmias. A Helianthus is also getting more light. The Fireweed was eight feet high and dwarfed everything else.

I needed to find some bare soil to plant a Ladys Mantle (which i was watering in here), and three seed grown Evening Primrose. I am not going to buy any more plants as I struggled to find homes for the new ones. A Clematis Montana Reubens is in a pot by the wobbly back fence. I want to grow it up along the fence where the compost bin is.
Still homeless is a Red flowering Camellia, so many plants so little space. I am waiting for my Butterfly Flowers to flower. The buds are expanding and the flower is nearly opening.They look like Orchids on the pictures I have seen. I grew them from seeds stuck on matchsticks.
Tomorrow I will go to the allotment to see whats growing.The garden is growing beautifully and ready to explode in colour for July, the height of summer.
It makes a change for me to be the subject of a blog post, a gardener at work.


Georgina said...

Cool model in these photos!

David (Snappy) said...

hi Jaws,thanks for the comment.I loved your New Zealand photos.I will do a blog post about your botanical beautys!