Monday, June 09, 2008

In Flower Today

These are a random selection of some of the flowers in bloom today.I have picked out nine of about sixteen plants.This is a beautiful pink/salmon coloured Geranium.I love the white edging contrasting to the dark leaves below.

The Catnip Six Hills Giant.The purple flowers are good for attracting butterflies to the garden.I did see a baby one today though so maybe the scented flowers and leaves are sending out Butterfly Pheremones.

The Orange/Copper coloured Broom.These flowers are gorgeous and a complete contrast to the other Broom which had white flowers but has finished flowering now.The sunlight illuminates the deep warm colours.

Four Dutch Iris are in flower now, only another fifty one to go!I love the Iris flower shape on the long stiff edged strappy leaves.These were almost turquoise in their colour.I want some bearded Iris for next years garden..

The plants awaiting a hanging basket.A pink panther Fuschia in flower.The Blue flowered Winston Churchill has not bloomed yet.I also have the Candy Pink Fuschia from last year that survived the damp flat.I have taken cuttings and planted them around the parent plant.They have taken too!

A pink flowered Verbascum from Hils plant stall.It needed staking to keep the floppy flower stem aloft.I love the detail of the flower and the pink colour.It flowers from the base upwards..

Virginia Stock....

Another Virginia stock with a hitchhiker on the second photo.These smell sweet during the day, and the night stock is supossed to smell in the evening.These are growing in front of the kitchen window in the box.

The last photo from the garden is these Sunriver Daisys in the Hanging basket by the outhouse.Daisys are so cheerful, thats why I love them.


Anonymous said...

Great image!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks for both comments!