Monday, June 16, 2008

Oxeye Fly

An au revoir post to last untill friday.I have watered all my pots that looked dry in the garden and the hanging baskets.
An enormous flock of twelve house sparrows descended on the garden today to feed on the fat balls and peanuts.I wandered why the fat balls were being demolished in a week.
A photo from the allotment showing an Oxeye Daisy with a metallic looking fly.
I'm going back to my home town to see my mum and revamp her garden after the last tenants let it grow wild.
I've been told by Hil's and Cat to take it easy.My foot was painfull after Hils garden and the allotment.Taking it easy is not easy for me.I'm too active.
I hope all your gardens are growing and that your flowers are blooming.I will take photos and blog from Friday.
I hope the weather is nice and that I get into the garden lots down in Cheltenham, in the Cotswolds.That garden is the one that launched me into growing plants and flowers.Its the original garden.My original inspiration :)

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