Monday, June 23, 2008

Chocolate And Roses

They normally go together well on Valentines day, or as a romantic gift for your loved ones.In the garden they are represented by two plants.The Chocolate Cosmos flowered on the day i came back from Cheltenham.It is a sumptuous velvet soft burgundy flower that looks darker in poor light.It has a bejeweled centre like a crown made of sweets.On a warm summerss day the scent is of rich Belgian chocolates.Read Joanne Harris's Chocolat, and smell this great Mexican perennial.It is in a pot by the rose bench so I can smell its sweet chocolate/vanilla essence!
Pure poetary in a flowers scent.

The Climbing Rose Iceberg, which was only a pound (£1) from Hampsons. It has grown superbly in the pot by the outhouse door. I have planted two marigolds below it but this has made no difference to greenfly!The white flowers smell like roses should, not strong but pleasant and pleasurable every time you bend over to sniff the flowers.
Scent is one of the senses that is hardest to describe in words. I think David Austin has a team of professional Rose sniffers to write the blurb in the catalogue about what each Rose smells like..
I love the heady mix of Chocolate and Roses, this will by my favourite scent combination this summer. I have five more Rose plants to bloom yet.

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