Saturday, June 28, 2008

Goldfinches,Ladybirds, and Fabric

A small black Ladybird in the green giant, my Teasel.

I bought two Teasel plants from Harlow Carr a few trips ago to attract the Goldfinches.I needed patience though for them to grow, flower, and for the flower heads to turn into seed heads in the autumn.From the top this looks like a religeous icon, with the spikes radiating out like sun rays.

The central rosette has grown new leaves which arch upwards and out.Masses of flower buds are growing on the plant now.It is covered in green fly, hover flys, and a single two spot Black Ladybird.It is beautyifully architectural and nearly six feet tall.The second Teasel is growing more slowly on the other side of the garden.

Its latin name is Dipascus Fullonum.Its greek for thirst Dipascus. The leaves join together at the base to form little drinking cups that stores rainwater, and pitcher plant like drowns small flys whos nutrients are absorbed into the plant.
It has very spiny stems, and leaves.The dried flower heads were used by the textile mills for cleaning, grading, and raising the nap on fabric.A specific species was used called Fullers Teasel.They liked the dried flower heads as it would not tear the fabric.
I love the plant, a biennial, but like a green giant in the right border...

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