Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blues And Red

It rained today really heavily, torrential downpours throughout the day. The photos are of the poor wet Red Robin, and the blue Sea Hollys...
I went to Hils this morning with Cat to water Hils friends garden who was away on holiday. I was amazed at the long garden and these Eryngiums caught my eye..

I have two growing in containers and I'm sure I planted one somewhere but it has not grown. I love the colours and spikiness of this plant.Like stars orbiting the garden.

These Eryngiums are gorgeous. I brought back some goodys for the garden. A coffee coloured Geranium called Espresso, a Heuchera Raspberry Ripple, a Heather, A Fir Tree seedling, an unknown Geranium, a Bronze Fennell, and a Verbena Bonarensis.
These were spares in a plastic tray marked "free plants need a good home".
We went to Hampsons where I bought a gorgeous Japanese Red Blood Grass for the left border. It turns blood red in the autumn.
The rain is still falling now on my last day off.Back to work for two long days before an allotment day weather permitting on Sunday.


Niels Plougmann said...

Oh David - I wish we could have had some of that rain. It has not rained over here for almost 60 days (Just small showers) and we are having the worst drought in 57 years. The plants are beginning to get stressed. Love those Eryngiums too! You got some really good plants there - and for free! they are going to get a good home for sure!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Niels, the rain here has been heavy at times with long spells of warmth and sunshine.The problem we have now is the massive boom in slug population, with a mild winter, and a good growing season.The mixture of Sunshine and showers is a potent mix.
I hope some of this rain we have had has found its way to you, and that your Roses are blooming gorgeously!