Saturday, June 07, 2008

Peony Bloom Saturday

One of three Peony Blooms from yesterday in my garden.These have grown below the clipped Viburnum Tinus.They started off as red coloured Asparagus spears, and grew flame red copper leaves.As they grew upwards they needed staking and have sweetly scented flowers.
The compact flower buds are amazing is saving space.Its like the clean clothes vacuum packed in clear polythene.
As it opened every petal unfurls untill its a good six inches across in colours of white, tinged with pink, with the yellow centre.It is so light compared to the dark leaves that half the time the flower looks suspended in midair.
These have grown beautifully, a remnant from a previous gardener.I heard they can grow undisturbed for twenty years or more.Self suficient.
I can understand why these flowers are cultivated in the Far East.It is cultivated in Luoyang in China and they are renowned for their blooms.
It was named after a Greek gods physician (Paeon) , who found it on Mount Olympus.It is said to be a Shy flower because after it is moved it will not flower for a few years.

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