Monday, June 30, 2008

The Music Of Plants

The garden today. I only watered the hanging baskets, and cleared some nettles from the Strawberry planter.I spent two and a half hours at the allotment with Cat assisting, planting Gem Squash, and Leeks, plus weeding the beds.
The garden is so full of plants, even I have to pinch myself with how much is growing.
Flower buds are appearing thick and fast. Echinaceas, Butterfly Bush, Zinnias, Crocosmias,The Blackberry bush, and all the others...
It is a sea of green but varying colours, textures, and heights. My David Austin Rose Lady Emma Hamilton is tantalisingly close to blooming.
I have one more day off before nights. It has been difficult juggling work, the garden, the allotment, and visits to other peoples gardens/Harlow Carr..
Burning a green gardening candle at both ends.The energy of summer keeps me passionate about growing plants and watching them flower. A living breathing Orchestra..ready for an explosive finale (like the end of the 1812 Overture).


Philosophical Karen said...

All that lovely green in your garden. You look after things so well. I could use some of that energy in my garden right now. My candle burned out ages ago. :)

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Karen,my energy levels have been high since I moved in at the end of November.The small size has made me more creative, and crammed more plants in than even i thought was possible.
The garden is actually low maintenence now, just the odd weeding and trimming back growth.It is growing away on its own!
The allotment is much more hard work with the weeds, couch grass, slugs, and snails!It is beautiful wild land though, so it is always under pressure from the native plants who want to reclaim the plot back for the wilderness.