Monday, June 09, 2008

In Flower Prolugue

I am off today from work, a day off between four long days.I have worked two already.
This is a beautiful white/pink double flowered Petunia for the hanging baskets.I think white flowers look great against green leaves, and when the light is fading they stand out too.
The sun is out again this morning.I want to go to the allotment to do some watering and weeding.The garden is starting to put on its summer clothes.
The Dutch Iris have flowered by the Raspberry bush, the Geraniums have flowered, both the Upright ones and the bushy ones.
Flowers have appeared on the Catnip Six Hills Giant.The cat damage from Blackspot might prolong the flowering by having a second flush later in the summer.A feline version of the Chelsea chop (when Gardeners across the country cut back half of the perennials to leave two rows of diffferent sized stems.the shorter ones flower after the longer ones.Two displays of flowers are made by the judicious trimming of some stems above leaf nodes).
I put four fat balls last week in the feeder and by last night they had been totally eaten.I wander how many birds have been eating them!They had lasted weeks before.I will try to observe to see whats feeding in the garden.
My Roses have Rose buds on them.The climbing Iceberg Rose has White flower buds now nearly open on two.The other Floribundas and Teas have small buds on them but are a few weeks away from flowering.
I will do a second post today about whats in flower and photograph all the flowers.Many plants have flower buds on too.I can feel the energy levels growing in the garden.
Winters for gardening dreams, Spring for garden preperation, and summer is the Fireworks Finale when masses of flowers bloom.

Ps Hils needs healing vibes as her back has given out. Gardening is good when you are not injured with sunburn, blisters, cuts, or bad back after digging! Get well soon Hilary :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your get well wishes

David (Snappy) said...

You are welcome Hils..I will do your garden tomorrow (the 13th)..