Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wild Garden

As it was said in the Kevin Costner film Field Of Dreams "Build it and they will come".I have made the garden beautiful where there was nothing before but weeds, grass, and brambles.I have picked a mixture of traditional plants that attract Bee's, Butterflys, and Birds.
The Robin is an ever present garden spirit sitting on the fence and hopping around my pots.He has brought his new fledglings out with him.I have masses of bird families attacking my eight bird feeders.The rich food and flowers sees a stream of visitors.

This is the baby Robin who is even more cheeky than his parents.He sat about two foot from me for this lovely close up on the bird table.

The acrobatic Blue Tits have lovely feathers in blue, yellow, white and black.How they can hang upside down to feed is amazing.They are also so quick but light on their feet.They crash into the bird feeders, have a snack, then fly off into the privet.Many a photo is just a post or fence where they have alighted as I press the button.

A House Sparrow hanging onto the biggest weeds?They are seven feet tall now and tower above the Viburnum.They have pendulous pink flower buds at the top end of the plant.I love how his feet are gripping onto the bendy stem as he is looking down at the feeders from the unusual perch!

A few days ago I saw the plants on the right border moving Jurassic Park style on a windless day.I saw a glimpse of a furry brown body.I wandered if Amazon the field mouse was back, but grown larger? This cheeky one broke for cover after darting between the borders and scurrying between the many pots around the garden.Perfect cover for a daylight raid...

A juvenile House Sparrow keeping watch. As one watches the adult and juveniles were feeding at the fat balls below..

The clumsy and crazy Wood Pidgeon.They keep raiding the bird table and ground feeders and deat all of the seeds.They are damaging plants as they fly out of the garden.These are a pain and damaged my Gem Squash this morning.They are the pirate of the garden..

Another juvenile House Sparrow.They are quite scared of me and fly off sometimes and hop around my feet at other times.

My daylight raider with pink ears, dark black eyes, and pale brown fur.A rat maybe?

To capture him on film I placed some nuts on the pavers and waited.He was quite photogenic even with me two feet away from him.He must have seen me before from the cover of the plants in the borders.He seemed unphased by the camera and me kneeling close to the ground.

The Rat got the nuts yesterday.I am going back home to Cheltenham tomorrow for five days.I will be back on Friday evening.
Snappys blog will have a siesta for five days. The wild life will have the run of my garden.I love trying to capture some of the wildlife in my own urban oasis.

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