Sunday, June 29, 2008

Anemone And Allotment

Its been a lovely Sunday.I went to the allotment for four and a half hours to cut the grass by hand, and do a little weeding.
I brought some bounty back, a bowl full of Strawberrys, four Courgettes, and eight pieces of Rhubarb from my four crowns.The carrier bag was sweetly scented with the Strawberrys.
It poured down on me earlier untill I sheltered under Angies perspex Shelter with her..
The sun came out and warmed me up, and dried me off again.
I weeded four beds and put five more Runner Bean Polestar into the RB bed with the A frame canes.One plant had some beautiful scarlet flower buds.
I need to upload the photos then blog them.The sunshine and heavy rain has made everything grow really well.It looks very productive my plot and people keep saying it looks really good...
Mr Saddiq made a rare appearance.In the warm and wet his two exposed grape plants have got baby grapes on them.I will be suprised if the exposed conditions let them grow to maturity.Angie has grapes growing in her greenhouse, down from my plot.
I would not believe you can grow grapes outside in Yorkshire, maybe global warming is making it easier for them to survive the UK climate.
I have a few days off so i will return to the allotment tomorrow to finish the weeding, and to mark out the shed base, and see how much room is left for a Leek bed.
The kitchen has lots of plants waiting to go to the allotment.Gem Squash, Leeks, and a tray of French Marigolds to decorate the raised beds and to attract beneficial insects!I love their golden orange colour.
I have been thinking next year I want a bed set aside to grow cut flowers. Like Sweet Peas, Chrysanthenums, Dahlias, Carnations or Pinks...
What do people normally grow as a cut flower? That is grow to put it in a vase in your house.
More photos today when I can upload them.The photo is of a Blue Anemone growing in the right border.I love the complexity of flowers at close range.They are amazingly detailed and I love the swirling colours.

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