Thursday, June 05, 2008

Harlow Carr VI

A taster picture from Harlow Carr today. I spent four hours wandering about in plant and flower heaven with the sun shining again.
I have been lucky that all my time off coincides with nice sunny days :)
I spent more hours in the garden this evening repotting Chilli and Sweet Pepper plants, cleaning the outhouse and organising the pots into sizes... how many plant pots do i have?
(Hundreds and they were spread out all over the patio untill my obcessive compulsive disorder kicked in and i stacked them according to size and shape)
I planted my seed grown French Marigolds around the left border Roses, and the two Heleniums on the same side, put the Chocolate Cosmos in a blue pot after evicting the Hyacinths.
The photo is of an unusual Aquilegia in the Gardens Through Time displays at HC.It was full of beautiful flowers, water, and birds.I will post about it tomorrow.
I find visiting a favourite garden helps you find your energy and makes you go back into your own space to garden. I have been six times now and it never fails to inspire me, and my ever ready camera.

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