Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Poor Mans Orchid

My Butterfly Flower or Poor Mans Orchid flowered fully today. It is beautiful shades of lilac, purple, white, burgundy, and yellow.
I grew the plants from match book seeds, little packets of matches with seeds glued to the match sticks. You break the sticks off with the seeds glued at the top of them, put them into compost where a dark line is and water them.
I actually removed the seeds and sowed them in a pot without the matchsticks
The result of a few months of growing is a spectacular flower with a striking face. When I saw the picture on the matchstick packet I thought I want to grow thes beautys...
These are Chiliean native plants, and are annuals. You'll need to sow them every year. The foliage is very fern like and lush green.
I want to find more of this Schizanthus and grow lots of different varieties next year. The plants are in a clay pot and full of flower buds. It should flower spectacularly.
I read it is called a Butterfly Flower because it resembles a small butterfly, not because it attracts them. I have an Asclepias growing besides it so I will see if butterflys like their namesake plant.


CrisB said...

It´s realy a very beautiful flower.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Cris,I want to buy some more seeds for next year with a wilder variety of colours.I have found some pink/white buds on the plants to contrast with the darker coloured ones.Each one is like a minature work of art with the myriad of patterns and splashes of colours.They do look orchid like even though they are not at all related to them.

Anonymous said...

Wow!It's beautiful!

I come from Taiwan^^