Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Name Of The Rose

The first Rose flower of the year, but it is confused. I think I planted a yellow Rose bush, but the flower looks white. It has opened steadily since Thursday, just in time to be blogged on plant stall day. I need some coffee to wake up before going with Cat to Walton village hall. The weather is overcast and only 14 degrees Centigrade.Hils took up thirty six boxes of plants last night..

I need to wait for it to fully open and see how scented it is. I have lost the name of the Rose somewhere. I must find my book with the names of all four Rose bushes in the borders. The ants love it. Do Ants damage roses as this one has loads playing between the petals?
Plant stall awaits, more posts later today.Its Sunday morning and I wont see Countryfile..


Ewa said...

This rose is beautiful! eee... it doesn't look yellow to me :)
ants can be bad guys - some kinds grow aphids (overwinter them) for ther sweet liquid production.
Others seem to make you alert, that some aphids are there already - so have a closer look :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it frustrating when you lose the name of a plant? I have multiple ways I try to keep track, but they're all subject to human error.

I use those aluminum tags that get etched when you write on them with a ball-point pen--they're the best, because weather and wet won't fade or destroy them--but they do get buried. I keep my sales receipts from plants--but where they are I know not. And sometimes I make maps of what I plant--but sometimes I don't. And sometimes I move stuff without mapping it...

I'd say this rose is sort of creamy peach, but who knows why variations? Weather? Soil? Sun? Heat (or lack of it)? or there's always mistaken identity...

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Ewa, my memory was getting bad.The Rose is a White one,Im dying to buy a yellow one now,I have two Whites, one red, one pink, one peach, one orange, and the copper Apricot David Austin.I always lose my notebook with the plant names.I need to be more organised in recording the plant name and flower colour!
Thanks Pomona,I appreciate all your comments,plant labels will be on my list now and pens to write them.
it was a case of mistaken identity!