Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Butterfly Dreams

A small dark coloured butterfly landed in the mint pot yesterday( just to the middle left of the pot.)
I have growing a Butterfly bush, an Asclepias, Catnip, Echinaceas, Purple Coneflowers, and Lavenders.All butterfly attracting plants..
Only the Catnip is flowering, but this Butterfly was flying around for ages.
I hope that more Butterflies follow him. I am back to work for two long days now.
The birds and the butterflies will have the garden to themselves untill Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Hi David just to say hi at the end of your long day and the satrt of my night shift. As usual the flowers you have captured are lovely. I still haven't started my hanging baskets, might do them when i return from France. I fancy a lot of yellow and white this year would love to hear suggestions from you as i would love them in full bloom for Jade during August.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lynn,I will think about White and Yellow Combinations.I have lots of White double flowered Petunias in my baskets.Bacopa Snowflake is lovely with pretty white flowers.I will think about flowers for baskets that are yellow for you!
dont work too hard and enjoy France when you go.Bon Voyage Lynn.