Thursday, May 31, 2012

Roses In The Rain

    The rain continued to fall overnight and this morning battering our Ceanothus into a left sided lean with heavy droopy flowers.I had gone out last night to water all the Roses before the heavens opened.This is the tea scented Moliniuex today in the front garden.I need a fifth Rose bush to complete the hedgerow that we are trying to grow,as one has died totally.The Roses are spectacular in sunlight,and after rain.
Outside the door Darcey Bussell is blooming away.The colours of the petals vary according to how strong the light is.She has a lovely old rose scent and has lots of Rose buds ready to explode more crimson delights.
 The mystery Rose continues to delight me by opening its bud slowly by the fence.It has a dark and light pink swirling looking petals.I hope that it blooms for us tomorrow before the Jubilee weekend.This was rescued from a garden burning pile and re homed.I need a name for it.Roses are always named after historic places,famous women,or men,or special events.I have heard about two new ones recently..
 I got an email about this lovely shell pink rose called Mercy which has a lovely spice scent.It is sold by Harkness Roses,and proceeds from its sale will go to the Mercy Ship charity.
An old converted cruise ship has been turned into a floating hospital with doctors,surgeons,nurses,and dentists.Over the past 32 years over 520,000 people have been treated in medical and dental clinics.They give free health care in over 70 countries.It is a beautiful Rose for a worthwhile cause.
 John Wood Nurseries have sent me an email about the Rose of the year 2012 called A Moment In Time.It was bred and released to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee,and the London Olympics.It is compact,slight fragrant,and has these lovely blood red Roses that bloom all summer long.
 Once the garden has a new patio area I can plant two new borders.I'm sure I will have room for some more Roses.They fill the garden with bright colours,shapes,form,and scent.The names are poetic and dreamy.

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