Monday, May 28, 2012

 It was a very hot sunny day.I went to the allotment to try and use the cordless electric strimmer on the long grass around the plot.A month of rain,followed by high temperatures has seen the weeds and grass regrow with vigour.The strimmer was not strong enough.It can strim low nice grass but not tough wild weeds and grasses with thick stems.I started to cut the long areas by hand with a knife.Once it has been hand cut I will use the strimmer to try to maintain it.The photo shows the battle between the gardener and mother nature.She will regain control (and has over the past week or two) if she is left to her own devices.
 I love this Mayweed,which reminds me of a Chamomile plant.This was growing just in front the old Leeks and Parsnip bed.Some of the wild flowers are quite pretty.
 I found three clumps of Poppies growing around the raised beds.I was weeding the bone dry soil with the hoe and weeded around them.I love the hairy flower bud in the centre of the photo.The weeding by hand is hard work,but I cannot spray any chemicals.all the vegetables I grow are organic grown with love,rain,and sunshine.Other plot holders are liberally spraying their paths with weedkiller.Not all plants are weeds though if they grow in the right places.
One of the few things growing well despite the heat is the Pea's.I cannot see any difference in the vigour between the two varieties at the moment;Cavalier,and Kelvedon Wander.Once I have caught up with the weeding and path management I will plant another two rows.
  I got two Aubergine plants today (off Richard),and eight Tomato plants from Hils.The Butternut Squash has totally failed to germinate so one of my raised beds needs an alternate crop or crops.
  The Carrot and Parsnips may need resowing as they have not germinated at all.The extremes between April and May have made growing more difficult.
 I have just watched Spring Watch with Chris Packham,Martin Hughes Games,and Michaela Strachan.There were Moles,Fox families,Wrens,Ospreys,and Nut Hatches.I love the show!
  The weather should see the temperatures cool down and maybe even a few thundery showers.I hope to spend a good deal of my week off at the plot.

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