Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Flame And A Bell

 It has been a fabulous day today.The Olympic Torch relay was started off  at 715am this morning by Ben Ainslie at Land's End.It will make a 70 day journey around the UK with 8000 torch bearers until it reaches the Olympic Park to open the London 2012 Olympics.
 The torch is golden and has 8000 drilled holes.It looks very regal, and has the Olympic logo embossed on it.Thousands of people have turned out to line the route.I checked and the Torch passes through Wakefield on the 25th June.I will see if Cat wants to see it with me.I'm loving the fact that the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics are in this spectacular year for Britain.
  The Queen had a military parade today in the grounds of Windsor Castle.I watched the coverage on the BBC.I have all the red,white,and blue themed bunting,plates,cups,napkins,hats,and balloons for the Jubilee weekend BBQ.Im a lover of our monarchy,and of the olympics.
 The Chelsea Fringe also started today,and runs for three weeks.There are lots of alternative gardening events going on around London involving gardens,grown your own,art works,a floating garden, and community gardens.This is running alongisde the famous Chelsea flower show but is completely different.
  This is the artists impression of The Pop Up Oranges and Lemons garden in Shoreditch church.This Church is famous in the nursery rhyme "Oranges and Lemons;Say the Bells of Saint Clements"."When Will I be Rich,Say the bells of Shoreditch"
 There will be Mediterranean plants,astro turf, and deckchairs.The pillars will be decorated with thousands of Oranges and Lemons.It is a communal space for people to relax,and was designed by Daniel Shea.He has worked with Homeless people and Children to plant up the church yard garden that will last a long time after the temporary garden has gone.
 A photo entitled Black,Green,and Yellow at Shoreditch church yesterday.I can see the Lemons.The link is on my twitter page.Thanks to Gabby Shiner Hill.If anyone goes to St Leonard's church  I would love to see how it looks and if people visit it.
The Chelsea Fringe runs from the 19th May to June 10th.There is a web page for the Fringe.
 The good thing is that this is community inspired and  not as exclusive as the RHS Chelsea flower show.As Bunny Mcguinness said they are like Gin and Tonic.Opposite in scope but complimenting each other.Some good organic goodness and community spirit will come from these events run by volunteers.

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L said...

glad you posted pic of olympic torch. From the photo I saw with David Beckham it just looked plain and dull (the torch that is!)