Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Holiday

I have finished my long days and have nine days off now.The joy of gardening and going to the allotment.It has been absolutely boiling hot for the past two days.The garden has been basking in glorious sunshine as i have been sweating at work!Flowers and buds have come on in leaps and bounds.The wildflowers and perennials around the pond have grown really well.The water lily is putting out lots of leaves around the pond.I have ordered two Japanese Bull rushes,and a oxygenating plant.
 The baskets are looking really healthy with masses of Pansy's and Violas in a multitude of colours.I like how striking an orange Pansy is.
 The Lupin flower spikes have rapidly grown over this week and the first one is flowering under the bloom laden Ceanothus.It is a sea of blue and green.
 Here is a camera shy Newt swimming under the pond surface.There are about five adult newts and one baby one that i have seen.They look like dragons swimming around the pond chasing each other and gulping air at the pond surface.
The warm sunshine brings the frogs out to sunbathe just on the edge of the pond.I have seen three separate frogs and they take it in turns to chill out on the surface.
The Rose bench was painted with wood preservative on my last day off.If it stays warm I will apply another two coats.The iron metalwork of the roses has rusted beautifully and so blends in.This is a good place to sit and observe the garden and all the birds that fly into the feeders.
I hope to have a lovely week off gardening,watching films,and going out and about to enjoy the sunshine.

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Nelly said...

We are planting up a pond this weekend. I hope to have as much life around mine as you do around yours! Also, aren't those Lupins just stunning!