Friday, May 04, 2012

New Arrivals

 There have been a few arrivals into my ever expanding plant collection.I find it hard to go to a nursery or a flower show without taking a little green plant or two home with me.Our garden is packed full of plants.The kitchen window sill is covered in my plants.The conservatory has plants along the window sill and along the top of the wall.This is a Pelagonium Lotus Land.It has brown and olive green leaves with fluorescent pink flowers.It smells of Pelagoniums when you rub the leaves.
 I have it sat between the cat plaque and the Highland Frog moneybox.
 I found all manner of scented Pelagoniums at the Spring Flower Show.There was orange,lemon,sherbet,and this Rose scented one called Attar Of Rose.The leaves have a delicious old rose scent and I'm always rubbing them to sniff them.
 Our Lupins have regrown with a vengeance but I wanted some Lupins with white flowers to contrast with the purple flower spikes.Now I just have to make room in the sunken border for them so they can flower away.With regular cutting of the flower heads when they finish blooming we got three lots of flower spikes last year.Planting Perennials gives you much more flowers year after year compared to annual bedding plants.
 These were the Hosta Kitty Cat,now planted in a box on the table outside the back door.They were joined by a pink flowering plant and Orange Geum
I love these delicate Orange blooms growing between the petite leaves.This plant is another perennial so it should bloom year after year next to the mini Hostas.
 I am working again tomorrow.I need to plant my Lupins on Sunday.Believe it or not there is frost forecast for the weekend.Just when you think your plants are safe from freezing.
 I need to get to the allotment on Sunday to see whats growing and to put my new plant labels into the raised beds.Work just keeps interrupting the gardening!
 The RHS Chelsea Flower show is only a few weeks away.I have a few previews to share on the blog.It is the greatest Flower Show in the world..

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