Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May Flowers In The Sun

 Its been a boiling hot day with temperatures reaching 28 degrees C.I got up late and moved all the plants from the greenhouse onto the path.It was 36 degrees in the greenhouse and there was no breeze blowing.I looked at what was flowering on this day last year and things are a month behind.The Aliums had flowered and were turning into decorative seed heads.The Roses were all starting to bloom.I guess it means the flowering season will be prolonged as it is running late.
 This Pink and white Dragonfly Aquilegia looks beautiful in warm sunlight.It petals let the strong light through making it glow in the green off the sunken border.
 The Geums in the pot continue to bloom beautifully.They have compact growth but the colour just sings out to you.
 A white Wildflower growing near the fence.There are predominately two wildflowers blooming away.This white one, and a smaller pink one.
 This is called the Leopard plant because of its spotted leaves.It has hitched a lift under the Lilac Tree and adds some sunshine to the garden.
 The Lilac flowers are so heavy that they pull the branches downward.The hot sunshine heated them up and released the fragrant oils.The garden has a lovely heady Lilac perfume by the backdoor and gate.
 The sunken border has filled out really well with plants growing cheek by jowl.I love the Aliums growing beneath the Blue flowered Ceanothus,and under planted with Lupins,Monkshood,and some Irises.
  The Alium Everest has a large flower spike that glows above the green leaves of the other plants.The sphere is very nice to look at.
 One of the Alium Gladiators growing between Ceanothus branches.I love how plants grow where the light is,and can quite happily grow up into the light through more vigorous growers.
 The Astrantia Ruby has formed its flower bracts but not opened them yet.There is also an Astrantia Major growing somewhere around the pond.Last year these were both in flower now.
 The wildflower area has some White Clover growing.There was red and white Clover growing last year.I do not know where the red one has gone to.It shows the Wild white clover is much more adaptable to changeable weather patterns.
The first Rose to bloom in 2012 is this lovely red Darcey Bussell.The Rose bush by the brickwork of the conservatory was the first to start growing on after winter.None of the other roses are flowering and most have only just started growing their 2012 Rose buds.
 The blog is a fun way of recording what was growing and blooming on certain dates.This years weather has been crazy and its interesting to see how it has effected the plants in our garden.
  I have been trying to follow the RHS Chelsea flower show and will do a highlights post of gardens that I loved.
  This is the link to last years post:
  The Clematis has died from the birds breaking the stems and the Flag Iris has not bloomed yet.What a difference a year makes.

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