Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Rose And The Frog

 As it is the Olympic year and the queens Diamond Jubilee I have ordered some patriotic red,white,and blue Petunias to decorate the hanging baskets.I ordered the plug plants from Sutton's and as part of the offer they sent me this free bare root Rose Bush, Rose Queen Elizabeth.It arrived in a cardboard box.I planted it in an old David Austin Rose pot which is nice and deep.It has a few leaf buds on the stem so I hope it grows.
 This Rose was hybridized in 1954 by an American Walter Lammerts.It has a tea rose shaped flower with an old rose scent.It has been grown for the past 58 years.I googled the Rose to find a picture of it in bloom.I hope mine looks as nice as this after a few years growth.I am nearly out of space to plant any more Roses.The garden path is lined with sumptuous David Austin Roses and a few old Roses that have travelled with me.
The King of the pond was basking on the Horse Tail grass in the sunshine.I have seen three Frogs in our pond,but generally at different times.The Water Lily is growing well and slowly shading out the algae bloom.I maybe removed too many plants in the winter which tipped the balance out.I saw a Water Beetle swimming through the pond which thrilled me as much as growing a beautiful scented Rose.Only Water Fleas have been in the pond so far.It means other wildlife has moved into the second year pond.

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