Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In Praise Of Flowers

 The garden seems to have sprung into life.Plants are growing away madly and late spring flowers are appearing daily.The Hostas are looking sumptuous in many shades of green,blue,and cream.There are eleven pots on the concrete path around the Black Bamboos,Asiatic Lily's,and Roses.They die back every winter but always bring a smile when they reappear.Slug damage has been minimal this year.The frequent rain and warm sunshine have made them grow vigorously.
 Cats Thistle in the wildflower area around the pond has regrown,almost doubling in size.The Thistle heads look like mini cross stitches.
 The two railway Ferns in the wildflower area have begun to uncurl their fronds.I love the lightness of their foliage and how light the underside is.They are surrounded by wildflowers which keeps the moisture in the untouched soil and keeps them happy.
 The Winter flowering Violas look exquisite in the hanging baskets.I have red,white,and blue Petunias on order.I may have to make more baskets.I still have six brackets to fix onto the fences concrete posts.The garden will be like the hanging gardens of Babylon.
 Another plant nearly blooming is this Aquilegia.I have the Dragonfly mix which is peach and white, and these purple flowers.They are an heirloom plant grown in many older gardens, where they are also called Columbines (like winged Doves).These flowers have many aphids on them so they must be sweet tasting too.
 The Alium Everest has started to break its tunic cover and the white flower buds are visible.The flower heads look like exploding fireworks.The seed heads are fantastic too.I have noticed little Aliums growing in the sunken border.Volunteer plants from the fabulous seed heads.
 This is the other Aliums, called Gladiator.The flower heads are so architectural like purple lolly pops on top of long green stems.I want more Aliums from the Autumn flower show.
 Nearly flowering is the California Lilac or Ceanothus.This shrub is beloved by House Sparrows and Blue Tits who hop through the branches.It has already been pruned back but it is vigorous growing,It is totally covered in these pale blue flower buds.The scent will drive the pollinators wild in the summer wafting warm honey scent for miles.This plant has variegated leaves.
 The Queen Of The Night Tulip look lovely when you take a photo inside the flower cup.The sun was shining through the bottom of the petals illuminating the stamen.
 The Armeria by the back door has these pretty pink flowers growing above the green grass.I love how they stand out with the contrast of the colours.
 The Queen Of The Night Tulips look black from a distance.They are beautifully shaped and coloured.One of my favourite Tulips.
 When we went to the cinema I realised that the view through the gate was quite pretty and took a photo when we came back.Leading the eye into the garden with a lots of plants billowing in the wind.Gates make pretty frames for gardens.
These pink flowers are blooming in the wildflower area.They are attracting lots of Bees and Hoverflys.They are like the Armeria in the contrast of colours.
  We are nearly half way through May.The flowers continue to delight me,and make the daily walk around the garden and greenhouse more invigorating.

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