Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Gardening Dream Team

 An article today in the Daily Telegraph showed a survey that found Women had more say in what plants and furniture went into a garden.They think its because they have a better eye for colour,and more confidence in choosing plants and shrubs.They did more of the lighter work like weeding or potting plants,leaving the digging and mowing the lawn to the men.So called Grunt Jobs.
 It made me think.I have took some photos of the plants that me and Cat have bought together.The Rhododendrons were Cats favourite plant from her old house.We killed it moving it into a pot from the ground.I took her to Hampsons and said lets buy some more Rhodie's.We picked three out together.Sappho with its wine like Rorschach stain on pink and white petals.
 Wilgens Ruby is a much deeper red,but it freaks the camera out.This was the second Rhodie we chose together to contrast with the first one.
 Cats other prized plants from her old house were her Hostas.We dug them up and planted them into their current containers.They have never looked as good and flower as well.Knowing she likes them I am always on the look out for new plants with different leaves to add to our collection.
 We also enjoy going to Flower Shows like Tatton Park,Harrogate flower shows and Gardeners World Live.I bought this Hosta Fire And Ice at a flower show.I take the camera and take loads of photos to blog.Cat enjoys looking at the flowers,plants,and show gardens.She had learnt lots from me and can name lots of plants.
 Hosta Great Expectations is resplendent with its green and yellow leaves.This is the second year it has grown.
 The pond was a joint idea between us.I dug the hole for the liner,but Cat had the ceremonial job of filling the pond with water.She likes looking at the frogs and newts and seeing the wildflowers blooming around the pond.
 We bought the David Austin Roses in the front garden on a day trip to his Gardens and plant centre near Wolverhampton.The first Rose Moliniuex is close to flowering now.We chose the Rose from the glossy Rose brochure and went to buy five.
The last photo shows out third Rhodie, Purple Splendour.It has finally started to bloom under the neighbours Japanese Maple.
 The survey may be right for a percentage of couples but not us.Cat cuts the grass.I rarely do it.I do most of the weeding and day to day gardening.We make a gardening dream team together.


Ioana said...

It's great each of you found his/her role in the gardening passion, regardless of surveys.
In my couple, I'm the only one with an interest in gardening and I'm sure I would so enjoy him joining in, but, wel...
He does help with the heavy work though :)

Nelly said...

I love your choices, they are gorgeous. I think your garden is a little piece of heaven, I love reading your blog.