Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Honeysuckle Book and Blooms

I spent about four hours at the plot on my knees trimming long grass and weeds with a kitchen knife.It was too thick to be cut by the strimmer,and my grass clippers are good for fine edging work but not brute clearance.I set up two more compost bins and filled them both to near overflowing.I have a few more areas to dig over and as I'm writing this its pouring down with rain.I got a complimentary paper blanks book, with the cover design of the arts and crafts designer William Morris "Honeysuckle".When I'm at flower shows or if i have inspiration i can write down my random thoughts.It can also be good for brain storming good blog post topics.There website is here:
Its nearly the Queens Diamond Jubilee weekend.I hope its as sunny as when i photographed the Black Bamboo,We are having a barbecue on Sunday with Cats family.I did order Petunias from Sutton's in red,white,and blue but none have arrived so far.I have bought bunting,balloons,table clothes,flags,paper plates and cups,and hats all painted in the union jack colours.The garden will be the centre of the celebration and regally decked out.The Queens flotilla will makes its way down the river Thames on Sunday afternoon.1000 ships all decked out in red,white,and blue.
Inside the conservatory the plants are flowering away.Two Easter Cactus are blooming on the shelf, and on the glass cabinet is the Pelagonium Attar Of Rose.Dainty little pink flowers blooming under my french impressionist ballet girls picture.The Streptocarpus Harlequin Blue has a few flower buds now.That was the plant of the year at Chelsea a few years ago.
The Sweet Williams we bought for the winter baskets are starting to flower now.They are very tall with flowers growing on the top of the plants.At least the rain has watered the baskets for me again.
This Sweet William is flowering in the green planter by the back door.It has the faint smell of cloves like its taller dark flowered cousin.
The Aliums continue to attract insects to their firework like flowers.They are very beautiful to look at.
 Tomorrow I want to buy some plant supports for the Sweet Pea's that are growing in the greenhouse. Sweet Spencer Mixed,David Bellamy,and William & Catherine Sweet peas.The Tulips have given their barrel planters away ready for the sweetly scented Sweet peas to bloom in.I hope to have masses of cut flowers for the house in little posy's.

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