Friday, June 01, 2012

Jubilee Eve Friday

 Its Friday the 1st of June.My week off away from work is nearly over.We have the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations to look forward to.We are having a Jubilee BBQ on Sunday,so tomorrow will be time to prepare the garden and conservatory.Typically for us rain is forecast for the Jubilee celebrations.The outside table has been soaped,washed clean,and moved indoors for holding the food.The inside dining room table has been extended ready to be covered in a union jack table cloth.We went food shopping today for the festivities.
  This Goldfinch was happy just eating Dandelion seed heads.Maybe he saw the House Sparrows eating it,or it is a Goldfinch traditional food (like us having pineapple and cheese on a cocktail stick).
 The red Geum Mrs Bradshaw is in flower now under the Lupins and wonky Ceanothus.I love the red and gold of these flowers.It is a regal combination like a coronation gown.
 The Pansy is very Jimmie Hendrix,purple haze with a golden eye at the centre.The baskets are all looking good still.My Jubilee Petunias finally arrived today from Sutton's.I need to plant them tomorrow around my Sweet Pea and Silver Wave containers,and a few more baskets maybe.There are a few red and white Petunias in flower..Fingers crossed that the Blue Petunias bloom for our BBQ on Sunday.
I hope that the weather is nice enough for us to sit and eat outside.Al Fresco dining in a British summer is amazing when the weather is nice.At least we have a conservatory if the heavens decide to open.The garden is looking very healthy after the fresh bursts of rain.This Japanese Painted Fern has revived wanderfully in the pot.I think it has a Spider Lily growing over it.The silvery fronds look like they have been freshly painted by a naturalistic artist.
  The plants in the greenhouse will need potting on tomorrow too.The Broccoli and Sweetcorn desperately need bigger pots to get their roots down.My Marvels Of Peru are looking amazing with their triangular leaves.They are famous for having different coloured flowers on the same plant,and variations of the colours it has.It also is an evening scented plant.My ten seedlings need to have their own space to grow into healthy flowering plants.
 I finally have two Black Cherry Tomato plant seedlings growing,along with nine Tomato Premio,and ten Chili Jalapeno seedlings.The weather has warmed up and they have begun to develop true leaves at last!
  The seeds that have not germinated are my herbs.Basil,and Russian Tarragon.I need to sow French Beans up at the allotment as my early attempts have failed spectacularly.It has been a year of hits and misses.
 I am looking forward to the Barbecue and the Queens Jubilee Flotilla down the River Thames on Sunday.Over 1000 boats will sail from Hammersmith to the Old Naval Yard.
  There is a massive live concert outside Buckingham Palace by Queen Victorias statue on Monday.The last monarch to have a diamond Jubilee was Queen Victoria so i want to enjoy this special royal occasion.I am a monarchist, as well as a gardener.I love the tradition and the history.
I hope you all enjoy the celebrations wherever you are.

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