Friday, May 11, 2012

Wildlife In The City

 I have been watching two wildlife programmes recently.the BBC's Plant Earth Live reporting from all over the world.They are following Black Bears in Minnesota, Elephants and Lions from Africa,Macaques in a temple in Sri Lanka,Meerkats in the Kalahari,Giant River Otters,and Grey Whales migrating from Mexico to the Artic waters.I love the beautiful camera work that the BBC is famous for.As I watched them on the laptop I can see the gardens wildlife feeding and grooming outside the conservatory window.From animals far far away to ones who live in close proximity to us.I love how plump this Goldfinch is eating sunflower hearts.
The other program I watched was channel 4's Foxes Wild In The City.I am watching it on catch up as I missed it.I love Foxes and I think it was good that they were doing research into the numbers of Foxes and what the public felt about them.It was broadcast from Battersea power station.
 Today in the garden there have been three Squirrels.A young one, and an older pair.
  A magpie has been in the garden today showing off his beautiful iridescent blue feathers on his back.I have just seen two Frogs sunbathing in the pond under the cover of Horsetail Grass and some Clover.
 I love gardening,and one of the benefits is that wildlife is drawn into the garden.You can have a close encounter with another species.

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