Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life And Gardening

 The weather continues to be a mixture of sunshine and rain.I have seen the first foraging Bees hanging upside down under the black geranium flowers.The flowers are like umbrellas blown inside out by the rain.These little Bees love the nectar in the flowers.
 This is the insects eyed view looking up at the dark Geranium flowers.I have forgotten what their name is.The leaves are variegated like camouflage trousers in green and brown.The solar light and fence panel seem to tower over the plant.The sky is heavy with grey rain clouds.
 We went to Hampson's today to buy a squirrel proof feeder to hold the Sunflower hearts.The hexagonal feeder was too easily opened by the wily squirrels.They will have to eat off the bird table or gnaw on the fat balls.The only birds who have ventured into the cage so far are the Goldfinches.They easily fitted through the gap.I think we have five Squirrels around the garden who keep venturing in to steal the birds food.This will keep them guessing.
The perennial Geranium has flowered with this beautiful violet flower.It was dormant underground but has exploded into life with the sunny weather this spring time.
 I bought two Polygonatum today for £1 from Hampsons.They are commonly called Solomons Seal.I need to grow the roots on in the greenhouse.They have variegated leaves and the pendulous white seals when they flower.I think they will compliment the Hostas.
  In the greenhouse my first Chili Jalapeno have finally germinated.The Tomato Premio have also started to appear from the soil.The Grape Vine appears to have bounced back from Snail damage and has flower buds arranged in a bunch of grapes type structure.
  The Black Cherry Tomatoes,French Marigold,Calendulas, and Basil have done nothing at all.The French Beans and Sweetcorn are also lagging behind in the germination stakes.
 There is only six days untill press day at the RHS Chelsea flower show.The gardeners there will be agonising about what plants,shrubs,trees, and flowers are of sufficent standard to appear in a show garden where every leaf,stem,and flower has to be perfect for judging day (Monday I think).
 Inperfections here are part of a real garden.Slugs and Snails exist and attack our plants.We are still forecast frost overnight ready to damage tender plants!Rain and wind tear holes in leaves.
  The Bee photo and the vibrant colour of the Geranium flower make me smile and realise the cup is always half full.Gardening is an exercise in working with nature.She always suprises and cant be predicted.We have to work with her and deak with all the ups and downs.Thats life and gardening.

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Anonymous said...

My brother has one of these feeders - if you want to discourage the squirrels place it in the middle of the garden, they can't climb the pole but if it si placed close to a fence they can easily launch themselves onto it.