Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Pots And Plants

I went shopping today for some pots for the bamboos and a container planter for the Hostas.I wanted some other plants to join the Hosta Kitty Cat that were small and alpine like.
 I bought an Orange Geum plant,and a Delosperma Sutherlandii with pink and orange flowers.These will hopefully contrast to the small Hostas.
 I bought two small bags of compost to help re pot my seedlings once they have germinated and grown their first true leaves.
 I discovered today why the Apple Tree Howden Wander had not grown at all.I noticed some red above the root stock.It has not joined properly and appears to have rotted.The outer bark is now peeling away revealing the rot!The top part of the tree is dead..
 It was only £6 from Asda but it now means I would like another fruit tree to plant there.
 The Black Bamboos have new pots to be able to grow into which will happily home them for a few years until they split the pots, when they will be divided.
  Today was the first day when it did not appear to rain,and the sun was actually shining.I saw Bee's,Hoverflys,and Ladybirds moving about.I hope they have been pollinating my Apple Tree blossoms.

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