Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Green Day

 I have got three days off now to try to do gardening and go to the allotment.Its been horribly wet,cold,and windy.I hope that the rain has topped up our rivers and reservoirs.The cool weather has seen everything slow down growing.February and March were so warm and dry.The plants must be going mad trying to cope with the strangeness of the British weather.Inspired by a face book group at work I have photographed my green cloggies,complete with mud and rain on them.These slip on my feet by the backdoor and carry me around the garden and greenhouse.They have molded to my large wide feet and are as comfortable as any Persian slipper.They are green too,the theme of today's post.
 The Grape Vine seems to be growing on well, along two of the vines.The one on the far left has buds but no growth of any leaves.The two right hand stems had furry leaf buds that opened up to reveal masses of crinkle cut leaves with small flower buds wrapped within the folds.
 The slugs and snails have been climbing the willow trellis and demolishing the lower leaves.They have their ribs remaining.I have never grown Grapes before so it is a learning curve.The grape vine has flower buds on each set of leaves.I do not think the plant minds the cold and wet weather.
 This Hosta is aptly named.It is called Fire And Ice.This could be a reflection of the crazy weather pattern of 2012.From record temperatures to record rainfalls its been strange.Cats Hosta's have come on amazingly well with the rainfall.The cigar like leaves have been growing from the crown below the soil.They do very well in pots on the concrete path with minimal slug damage.I still have copper tape.Maybe i should put it around the Grapevine pot?
 This was four of the plants I bought from the Spring Flower Show last week.Three Hosta Kitty Cat,and a Bletilla Orchid.I tried growing Bletilla Striata in Westgate when i lived there but the mouldy walls killed the plants before they flowered.I hope this one flowers.It has pale lilac flowers but the seller forgot to put a name tag in the plant pot.It will just be called Bletilla.
 Another comment I got was how were the Pine berries doing?I got free ones from Wilkos which never grew as they were supplied bare root with no leaves on them.I really wanted to try Pineapple flavoured Strawberries so I ordered two plants from Crocus.They are sat in a planter by the greenhouse.Amazingly the first plant already has flowers growing on it.If the sun does shine then these plants will do well.I want to see if they fruit well,and if they have a unique enough taste to warrant growing.Morrison's were selling them last year for the first time.Super Fruits are always in the news with new and unusual varieties like Goji Berries.
 One of my new Fruit Trees that is growing beautifully well is the Pear Tree Bonne Chretien.It is covered in new leaves all along the stem.I wander when the flowers will form on this tree and the Cherry tree?The Bramley Apple Tree has got flower buds on all the new leaf growth which is amazing as it has been pruned back to the main stem.The Howden Wander Tree has not grown any buds at all.I wander how long to leave it to see if it is just in shock from being moved from its nursery to wintry Yorkshire.It is a big stick in the ground.
The Rhododendron Sappho is starting to unfurl its flower buds.The nice glossy leaves will be a perfect backdrop to the magenta flowers.We have three Rhodie's now.Two in pots in the back garden,and one int the front garden under the neighbours Japanese Maple Tree.
 It is still raining as I write this.I have seen the female Squirrel trying to get sunflower hearts and running off with a fat ball from the ring feeder.I saw five Newts in the pond.Big ones with curvy tails and smaller ones with spots.The green algae seems to be retreating week by week.I think once it gets sunny the oxygenators will drive them out.
 Tomorrow I want to go to Hampsons for some compost for potting on my seedlings.In the Greenhouse the Chives have started to germinate when i was working.The Sweet Peas have had an impressive growth spurt.The only Veg seed that has germinated is my Broccoli Waltham.I need the seedlings to grow their first true leaves.The Cabbages and Leeks are well advanced.The Sweetcorn,French Beans,Butternut Squash,Jalapeno Chillis and Tomatoes have not germinated yet.I hope it warms up soon to encourage me seeds.

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Your pics got me looking at garden clogs! It's amazing what pictures will do!