Sunday, May 01, 2011

Tree Peony

The Chinese Tree Peony has bloomed today.We only bought it a few weeks ago from Hampsons.The first Tree Peony we had at Fishponds did not grow and died in the cold winter here.

It is such a delicate pink blush flower with the yellow inside the cup.Like a Golden Treasure chest just opened.

I was busy in the garden yesterday planting the Herbs, making the Strawberries a net cage, and watering everything.

I forgot how hot the sun can be and got a mild case of sun stroke!

I have been sweating lots and still feel very warm to touch.The moral of the story is sunblock if you are spending a long time in the sun.

Its the first of May which means pretty soon I will be able to plant at the allotment.All the plants are growing away beautifully.

I have to work four nights now before I can get back to the garden.

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Vesna Maric said...

I simply adore peonies. I have several bushes in my garden both herbaceous and tree ones.
Best regards from Croatia. Love your garden.