Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

One of the Aliums I planted last year has started to open its flower bud. I think this is an Alium Gladiator. I love the firework explosion of purple flowers that attracts bees and insects. The flower head also looks decorative, once its dried out after blooming.

It is good friday today and the weather was absolutely perfect for the start of a bank holiday weekend.The sun was shining all day.

Cat took me to Hampsons to buy some Barrel planters, two large pots, some bird food, and plant supports.I also bought some more bags of compost when i was there.

I spent the rest of the day in my shorts, vest, and sandals gardening.

The Broccoli's, Cauliflowers, Brussels Sprouts, Swedes, Tomato Red Cherry,Cats Herbs (Parsley,Coriander,Basil,Chives) and French Marigolds have all been re potted. I re potted one Aster to see how it grows on, and a tray of nine Everlasting Flower seedlings

I swept out the greenhouse and tried moving the pots around.The amount of room is shrinking on the shelves, as the volume of plants is expanding.

I planted the Thistle plant (Cirsium Rivulare) we got from David Austin by the wildflower part of the pond.The plants are growing well around the pond. Some of the wildflowers from last year will hopefully regrow again. That is the only area that will not be given new compost!It remains a sandy/stony mix with low nutrients for the wildflowers.

I finished re potting the Tomato plants with the light fading.I used the torch to spy on the pond. My torchlight Safari showed two Newts swimming around the pond.

I saw our resident Frog on the pond last night.Its gratifying that the effort I have put in is attracting wildlife into the garden.

The New Roses (Harlow Carr, and Darcy Bussell) need planting into the new pots that I bought.The remaining Lily's can be planted in the Barrel planters.I have some Gladiolus that need planting in the strawberry bed. The plants are so healthy looking that I think I will need some netting and canes to make a cage to cover the fruit. We have so many birds in the garden. The soft fruit will be very tempting for them.

The concrete path is turning green slowly with the Hostas growing quickly in the April sunshine.

The Roses all look healthy and the Gertrude Jekyll has now got a new curved plant support to hold her upright. It has Rose buds on. I think she may be the first Rose to flower in our garden.

I'm back to work tomorrow so Easter Sunday will be my next gardening day.

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earlysnowdrop said...

I love aliums. They have such a look of being from another planet, don't you think.

I'm getting ready to do a post on my blog featuring the flower buds of my onions. (They are not supposed to blossom but did because we had such an erratic winter with hot and cold weather.) So after photographing my onions whose flower buds are white, it was delightful to see your purple alium.