Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cat's Rose Plan

The Lady Emma Hamilton in flower. I love the David Austin roses. Cat has been sent a catalogue for 2009-10 and has decided we can grow a Rose hedge at the front garden to seperate next doors garden and ours.
A two feet high wall of yellow Scented Roses. We need to dig the border first, and then order the Roses from David Austin.
I love Roses. The Gardeners World magasine voted them the nations favourite flower, and the most hated flower too!
Its like marmite, loving or hating it.
A garden would be dull without the colours, shapes, and scents of Roses.
I love them.


Lesley said...

I love roses too David. I can't imagine why anyone would hate them unless it's because they think they are difficult to grow and look after, when that really isn't the case at all. My attempts at pruning is all trial and error and still the roses bloom beautifully year after year. :)

Kim said...

It's great to see you posting pictures about Lady Emma Hamilton. I just planted one this Spring and it is currently putting on it's third or fourth bloom. I can't wait to see it next season once it has more size to it. The blooms are gorgeous, and I love the lemony fragrance.