Monday, June 15, 2009

Midnight Flame

The photo is the Streptocarpus Midnight Flame. I bought the plug plant last year at one of the flower shows, and it has flowered beautifully.
The other plant called Chorus Line has not flowered yet.I have seven other Streptocarpus in the greenhouse, waiting to flower.
I finished my nights and have had a quick walk around the garden before bed.
The Delphiniums are in flower...need to take photos once I wake up.
I did the bird count yesterday morning. I saw Starlings (they found their way into our garden for the first time), Goldfinches, Collared Doves, Blackbirds, a Magpie, and some House Sparrows all appeared within the hour.
It is just a snapshot. We have had Wood Pidgeons, Robins, Blue tits, Coal Tits, a Greenfinch, and even a beautiful Chaffinch.
I do like the Streptocarpus plants. I buy a few more every time I visit a flower show with a Dibleys stand.
More posts soon.....

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Anonymous said...

Hi baby. I sat after I'd dropped you off at work this morning and caught up on your blog posts lol. Even though you write them while I am around I still dont always read them straight away and usually end up catching up with them at a later date. Your pics are beautiful as usual and the one of the bee in the foxglove was just lovely. You always manage to capture an unusual angle of something.