Friday, June 19, 2009

Bird's And Bee's

I was reading the RSPB's magazine called Birds. I liked the pictures, writing, and stories that people write in. They are collecting stories where people have encounters with nature. Whether it is animals, birds, bee's, or insects. Whenever they have felt a connection, or a sense of awe.

I love watching Bee's flying into flowers hence the first photo. The second photo is the female Blackbird hopping along the raised beds.
I read that eighty percent of the RSPB members never visit the reserves, and do not know how to identify species.
The eighty percent that do not know difference between bird species knows they are important, and are worth saving (by paying for membership of the RSPB).
The garden is a perfect place to observe nature, to watch wildlife, and to feel more calm. One man took his family to the local RSPB reserve and payed for membership despite being layed off in the morning.
Its good that people are appreciative about nature. and feel it is worth protecting. We are connected to the natural world.
The Birds and Bee's are alive in our garden.

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Lesley said...

Lovely photos David. I hope the man who was laid off from his job gets lots of satisfaction from his RSPB membership.

I took some photos in the garden last night just before dusk. I'd had a few glasses of wine though and, unfortunately, the photos were blurred! :O)