Thursday, June 11, 2009

Golden eye

The first Pansy of the year flowering.I have grown this from Seeds. The seedlings have been nurtured in the greenhouse.
I love the purple and black colouring, next to the yellow eye.
Its been a sunny day today, with lots of birds in the garden. We will do a wildlife count tomorrow for the RSPB, counting how many of each type of bird fly in over an hour.
There is such satisfaction from seeing plants you have raised flower. A packet of seeds is only a few pound, but the joy of them flowering is priceless.
The garden is full of Bee's and I saw a few Butterflys today. The Cabbage Whites have found my Brassicas!I keep picking Caterpillars off!
My Nasturtiums will be too late to stop the egg laying! Maybe I'll be organised next year.I found a Sweet Pea today growing under the swings. The birds must have dropped a seed or it blew down from the Duck end of the garden.
I love a garden full of wild life, and colours.


Lesley said...

I love pansies with their cheerful, cheeky little faces! :D

Ooooops, I didn't know the RSPB was doing another bird count. I did the one in January. I'd better check out their website. :)

Anonymous said...

Good to see all well. The bees have been very active on my caenothus. I am also going to do RSPB watch tomorrow- now have 4 goldfinch visiting regularly but they ar messy eaters- more seed on ground than they can manage to eat