Saturday, June 27, 2009

Simple Things

The Cornflowers are in full bloom in the pot by the backdoor fence. I love how the flowers seem to float ghost like above the pot.
After I had finished my nights I walked around the garden. I saw the Lady Emma Hamilton Rose in flower, the Iceberg climbing Rose blooming on the pergola, with the Clematis and the sweet fragrant Honeysuckle.
I ate a few Raspberrys, and Strawberrys from the garden. Fresh from the grow bags or soil. The Apples and Plums seem to get bigger daily on the fruit trees.
June seems to make everything grow strongly, and for the summer flowers to start blooming.
The temperatures are in the twentys, and the rain has not fallen. Wimbledon is back on the TV, my favourite tennis tournament of the year.
Simple things bring the most pleasure on a warm June day.

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